Review: An Italian Adventure

cover123136-medium.pngItaly, the late 80s. Ten-year-old Lee, a fearless bookworm, struggles when Nico the bully moves to the small northern town of Arese from Sicily. The two kids have no idea they are about to change each other’s lives forever…

Gender identity, guilt, religion, bullies, figuring out death and grown-ups: this humorous and insightful coming of age novel will show pre-teens and adults alike the Italy they have never imagined against the gorgeous backdrop of the serene countryside, the Alps, and the enchanting Island of Sardinia.

Based on the life of the author, world renown scientist and novelist GB Amman, this series is recommended for fans of emotional, addictive reads with something to teach.

The book is the first in a series following the same characters throughout their life.

This is such an awesome idea for a series! It Will All Make Less Sense When You Grow Up was a thoroughly enjoyable series starter, and I loved Leda’s voice as she navigated some of the challenges that come along with becoming an adult and figuring out who you’re supposed to be. There was a lot of great detail here that really brought Italy in the 80s to life. Between those and the dynamic relationships between various characters, Leda’s childhood really came to life. I loved it!

Highly recommended!