C I N Blog Tour + Review

cin tour

Hey guys! Today, I’m lucky enough to get to participate in the tour for the first two books in the C I N series by Christina Leigh Pritchard! I read both books two and three over the summer, and will absolutely be picking up the rest of the series both for myself and our library, hopefully by the rest of the year… so, lets talk books! (mostly book one, because… spoilers)

I am an absolute sucker for boarding school stories, but the story I got wasn’t at all what I was expecting! This was all kinds of creepy from beginning to end. Pritchard has created such an eerie little town, which helped set the foundation for her characters to come to life.

Both Lisa and Alex were a lot of fun to read, and I’m glad to see that it looks like the series will be following more of them! There were a few errors here and there, but never enough to take away from the strength of the story, so I’ll absolutely be continuing with the C I N books!

And don’t forget… “Lynn, Lynn, City of Sin. You Never Come Out the Way You Went In.”

Start the adventure with book one today!

61qfkmndpvl-_ux250_1.jpgVoted “New and Noteworthy” by USA Book News, Christina Leigh Pritchard was born and raised in South Florida where she’s penned over fifty stories.

She’s recently signed with Limitless Publishing for her ALMOST Series, takes on contract work, and continues writing her books.

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