Review: Eternal Night

cover98841-medium.pngA dark secret lies in her past. A magical world exists just out of reach. A hidden destiny awaits her.

After a tragic murder and year of lost memories, Anna finds her world shrouded in mystery. Only the elusive Blake seems to have any answers, but pursuing his knowledge takes Anna down a dangerous path. As she begins to unlock pieces of the puzzle, she gets closer and closer to wanting someone she can’t have while unlocking a dormant power she isn’t sure she can control.

Nightfall Academy is only the beginning of a world of deceit, lust, and vengeance. Learning you are part of an ancient race of mages and falling for a dark prince are nothing compared to what Anna’s future holds. If she can handle the power in her blood, she may reunite a lost realm with its past.

And our world could get caught in the crossfire.

There are a lot of elements in Eternal Night that you may have seen before in other popular YA books, but Alayna Ravenwood managed to combine them into something new and really interesting with Eternal Night. It did take me a little while to get into the story as there was a lot to follow and quite a few characters to get to know, but once I began to understand the story, I was hooked.

The main character Anna finds herself attending Nightfall Academy after her life takes a dark turn, where she meets a cast of well-developed and likeable characters. This book will entertain most paranormal fans while also bringing something new to the genre, so I hope readers decide to give it a chance!


Review: Money Can’t Lie

cover99222-mediumShould there be three pieces of crap this is of the British intelligence classic

One day there happened what may happen to a sleeping agent, he was burnt by the same intelligence he worked for. He expected to be arrested and suddenly realized all those things he felt overwhelming for the last week were nothing but seeming true. And in reality it was all quite different, and he had to save not his neck but the operation to which he was a shadow partner.
This deal left no legible trace. It was just like a woman always staying with somebody else in her pursuit of money. It was made of thin air, of powerful links, of noncommittal talks and handshakes. In this deal every cent was lying in someone’s hands. So not knowing the hand that handed this cent over to some other hands one could learn nothing at all, and the whole thing turned to be a number of bulging bubbles of virtual money that disappeared from bank accounts with a single keystroke. It became the reality pulling in to death.
So many people wanted to hold that deal in their hands.
Therefore he understood nothing would happen to him there, he could just walk out with no glance back since he knew so well all those counterparties involved in this operation, and these people could sense something went wrong from miles away and could read it by his walk, there was no need to warn them, they would scatter away on their own and hideaway like rats. And the deal would vanish alongside with them, flowing like sand between his fingers.
If someone wanted to hold down that deal nothing wrong could happen to him. He just had to walk into the street. But then, what if he was mistaken?

I hate to give a bad review, and usually I’ll put a book down if I’m not enjoying long before I get to the point where I feel I can give fair criticism, but while I really enjoyed the plot of Money Can’t Lie, there were a lot of issues that were hard to get past, namely the editing. This book needs a lot of polish. I’m not sure if maybe English is not this authors first language or it was just published before it was ready, but this book needs more work. Such great potential here though! There’s a lot to like, but I can’t in good faith list this in our catalog.