Review: Anvil Soul

cover100143-medium.pngFather James O’Ryan has lived his life by a high moral code, using his beliefs to uphold the sanctity of the church he has pledged his life to serve. After finding himself relocated to the sleepy town of Temora, Father O’Ryan finds himself tempted with lust and distracted by the dangerous actions of his fellow priests.

Will he turn a blind eye to the events surrounding him and take the fall for his brethren or will he issue justice with his own hands?

After seeing the cover and checking out the blurb for Anvil Soul, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from this story. But I ended up jumping in without even reading other reviews and am really glad I did. This turned out to be a nuanced story that was extremely relevant to today’s world, and one I think that many of our patrons are going to be interested in reading. I’ll absolutely be recommending it in the future, maybe even as one of our book club selections. There’s a lot to think about weaved into O’Ryan’s story, and I think we could generate a lot of great discussion here.

Highly recommended!


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