Review: Jubal Van Zandt & the Revenge of the Bloodslinger

cover99221-mediumNarcissist, sociopath, and shameless backstabber Jubal Van Zandt is the best damn thief in the history of the Revived Earth…and he won’t shut up about it.

But not everybody in the swampy, soggy, feudal future approves of Jubal’s vocation. The Guild—the religious fanatics who helped rebuild civilization after the collapse—in particular are waiting for their opportunity to slip the noose around his neck.

Which is why when the renowned Guild knight Carina Xiao—a.k.a. the Bloodslinger—contacts Jubal about an off-the-books job that violates Guild Law, he’s too intrigued to say no. He is the best damn thief in the history of the Revived Earth, after all.

Part bizarro ecopunk, part outworld thriller, part odd-couple roadtrip, Jubal Van Zandt & the Revenge of the Bloodslinger is a 150% futurepunk quest for blood and betrayal across the Revived Earth.

This story was really cool! Honestly, I don’t know what I was expecting based on the cover but the number of story elements combined in Jubal and the… yeah, this book is going to need an acronym, worked out into some really really interesting, and very much worth discussing.

First up, I loved Jubal’s character. He’s everything the blurb describes him as, but his character comes together in a way that will have you rooting for him from the first chapter, if only because you already know you’re going to want to read more about his adventures. He’s got quite a history, but I’m more curious to see what kind of character he could grow into if this is somehow turned into a series.

The world building was also well done with a lot of fun adventure tones merged into a cyberpunk universe. I’m curious to read any other fantasy work Hudson may already have out as this seems to be something she does really well.

All in all, a great read, and I’m very much hoping for more.


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