cover96240-medium.pngFrom bestselling author Megan Linski comes an emotional new series that proves your past can never tame your spirit…

Flight. Hyperspeed. Clairvoyance.

These are some of the powers gifted to the Rhodi, an ancient sect of assassins who defend Crescentia, a dystopian world with a dying hope.

Dyliana Fairsson is one of them. After losing her parents to a suspicious accident, she and her twin brother, Devin, join the Rhodi to avoid starvation. Under the direction of her master, Dylan struggles to learn the strength of her magic …as well as hide the growing scars on her wrists. Can Dylan become the warrior, the hero, she’s destined to be? Or is she fated to fall from the light into the darkness?

The first installment in an epic fantasy series by young adult author Megan Linski, Rhodi’s Light is an action-packed thrill ride that will leave readers begging for more.

So glad I found Rhodi’s Light on NetGalley because I’d never heard of this series or this author before and I’m so totally in love. This was a dark and twisty story that crossed through a lot of genre’s and came together as a really fantastic story unlike anything else I can remember reading. And as a bonus, it looks like there are already two other books out in the series. I basically feel like the luckiest book nerd alive right now. So great!

I wont give too much away, but for those looking for more details, Rhodi’s Light follows Dylan and Devin after the death of their parents, when they’re swept up into the fairly epic world of the Rhodi. The Rhodi’s mantra centers around protection and the twins are lucky enough to begin training in their ways. I loved both the familial relationships at this stories core as well as the world building which I hope we’ll get to see even more of in future books.

There’s a lot of darkness in this book as well, and some very chilling scenes that will prevent me from just simply recommending this series to absolutely everyone, so reader be ware. For those who aren’t triggered by such things though, it is still very much worth the read as these scenes were an important part of the story as a whole.


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