Review: Shrouded Secrets

cover97537-medium.pngA CIA agent in dire need of medical help…

Eric’s mission to covertly save two American doctors in Bryoal, Hethiladin, the most anti-American Middle East nation on earth, is botched. He’s wounded and will die if he doesn’t get help fast. Death, however, might be the best option compared to being caught.

A celebrated eighteen-year-old humanitarian and quintessential virgin yearning to break out of her opulence-imposed bubble…

Mumtaz Al-Ghazi is the most beautiful and best-loved woman in Hethiladin for her relentless fight for homeless children and her secret fight for young woman in abusive relationships. She is overwhelmed by the opulence, the perfectly planned-out life and power she’d been born into as the only daughter of a chronically anti-American ex-prime minister. A fresh graduate from nursing school and the owner of a prominent orphanage, Mumtaz has been dreading her upcoming eighteenth birthday when her father will announce her engagement to Jafe, the intolerable head of security services chosen for her for political reasons.

A multi-faceted danger over their love…

Mumtaz’s life gets a super jolt when Eric falls into a coma in her presence, pleading for her help. With the country on lockdown searching for him, and her fiancé heading the search to validate his new security position, what will she do? In a country where helping an American is considered traitorous and punishable by death, Mumtaz must decide whether to hand Eric over to the authorities or add him to her growing list of Shrouded Secrets.

A thrilling romantic suspense novel with endless twists, action and drama.

I almost didn’t request this book. Something about either the cover or the blurb just didn’t grab me, but I wanted something to read and took a chance, and I’m really glad I did. Shrouded Secrets ended up being a really exciting story that mixed elements from some of my favorite genres into a story that didn’t read quite like anything else.

While the more suspenseful parts of the story made for a fun read, it was the romance between Eric and Mumtaz that made this story memorable. They both felt like genuine, dynamic characters who I wanted to know more about right from when they were introduced, and as they began to interact the story only got better.

There were a few spots where the writing felt a little stilted which did pull me out of the story temporarily, but ultimately all of the pieces came together in a great finale which I’m going to be thinking about for days.

3.5 stars from me! There were some areas where this story and its presentation could be improved, but I will absolutely keep an eye out for future works from Jason Edmeyer.


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