Review: Shattered

cover95917-medium.pngMeet Logan McKenna … fiercely loyal, and impossibly inquisitive.

In SHATTERED, the first book in the original mystery series and stunning fiction debut with which Valerie Davisson lets us crave for more, Logan McKenna loses her husband, her illusions, the company they built together, her music, and now, probably her job. But that won’t stop her from digging into a murder investigation that keeps Southern California’s tight-knit artist community on its toes and law enforcement cluelessly guessing.

At loose ends, and running out of money after buying a fixer upper on the coast, she decides to help out her best friend from high school, Thomas, a Native American artist, and his wife Lisa at their booth at the Otter Arts Festival, in the idyllic coastal town of Jasper, where she and her police-officer brother Rick grew up. When one of the talented, young artists is found gruesomely murdered at the festival, Logan is faced with the reality that her best friend not only lied to her, but may be guilty of murder. It’s up to her to find out what really happened that night, before the murderer kills again.

There was something so engaging about the central mystery of Shattered that made for an incredibly memorable story, one I would highly recommend to both mystery and general fiction fans. Davisson did a fantastic job of crafting a dynamic main character whose identity is what pushed this story from a four star to close to a five for me. I did find the cover a little old-fashioned looking, and I’m not sure how well this book will stand out on the shelves because of it, but it is still very much worth the read.

Logan KcKenna’s life has been completely upturned. In a short period of time she looses so much of what made her happy, and she has a lot of work to do restarting her own personal journey. But when a murder disrupts the new community she has begun to forge for herself, Logan dives right in, unveiling a new side of herself as she works with a well-crafted group of characters in order to uncover “whodunit.”

And the best part is, I already have access to book two! I can’t wait to see where this series goes next.


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