Review: Nobody’s Angel

cover95546-medium.png“From the driver’s seat of his cab, Eddie negotiates a city splintered by race and class and rapidly losing its economic underpinnings. Nobody’s Angel has the wry humor and engaging characters typical of the best of the hard-boiled genre, but Clark’s portrait of Chicago in the 1990s, with its vanishing factories and jobs, its lethal public housing projects, its teenage hookers climbing into vans on North Avenue, is what gives it legs. Sure there are a couple murderers on the loose, but the larger violence is coming from systemic forces wreaking havoc in a place that, maybe, used to be better.” –Chicago Reader

Not to long ago I had the opportunity to read Backdoor to L.A. by Jack Clark, and even though it was the second book in a series I’m still glad I jumped in. It was a lot of fun to see what came first in Eddie’s Chicago saga. I’m actually not sure which of the two stories I enjoyed more as they were both really engaging, fueled by the great character that Clark has in Eddie.

I’m definitely planning to pick up a copy of both books in this series for our system, if nothing else so that I can see these awesome covers in person. I think a lot of our patrons are going to find something a little different and a lot of fun to read in this series.


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