Review: Liar, Liar

cover91325-medium.pngInvestigative reporter Cleo Morgan believes a successful tabloid needs is the ability to lie. Now that she’s one herself, she’s getting a lot of practice. She’s lying to everyone in her hometown, pretending she still works for a reputable paper. She’s lying to Alec Ramirez, the tabloid’s star reporter. He doesn’t know the high-profile-murder suspect in the story they’re covering is her mother. Or that Cleo is conspiring with her old boyfriend to steal that story out from under him to buy her way back into her old life. Perhaps worst of all, she’s lying to herself that she can leave Alec behind once she’s made everything right.

Cleo’s story was such a fun read.

Life as a tabloid writer balances on some very gray areas, something that former journalist Cleo learns to deal with, accepting lying as part of the game. But as you’d suspect her new career quickly leads to trouble. This series is full of great writing, dynamic characters, and more chemistry than I would have expected from this type of story. I really loved it! Quint’s adventures with Cleo are well crafted, page-turning adventures!


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