Review: Backdoor to L.A.

backdoor.pngWhen the daughter he lost in a divorce settlement shows up on his doorstep, Chicago cabbie Eddie Miles thinks it’s an answer to his prayers. Instead it’s the beginning of his worst nightmare. This is a follow up to “Nobody’s Angel,” which the Washington Post called “A gem,” and “just about perfect.”

First up, while I read insane amounts and can take a chance on unknown entities, I’d really love to see more of a blurb for Backdoor to L.A. Our readers are generally looking for books they’ve already heard of in some place or another, and while I’m always encouraging them to take a chance on a new author, I’d be much more likely to persuade them to read this book (which I did really enjoy) if they could see more of what it was about and what to expect upfront.

All in all though, I’m glad I decided to give my first Jack Clark book a go. I hadn’t read (or heard of) Nobody’s Angel but didn’t have any trouble feeling like I knew Eddie Miles well enough to jump into his story. There are some great noir elements weaved in here as well as intricate details about both the characters and Chicago that bring the story to life. I’ll be curious to go back and read the first book in this series.


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