Review: Dogwood Sprocket

dogwood.pngSaint Louis, 2287

Talented toy-maker, Grace York, is focused on her career, but she daydreams about a slower-paced era, filled with ballet and fancy dresses.

When bearded inventor, Hugh Hawthorne, sticks his head through a point-to-point portal and into her life, Grace York is sucked into Hugh’s 1887 alternate reality with no hope of return.

Struggling to settle into her new steam-powered world, Grace discovers Hugh is keeping a secret that will aid in her return to 2287.

Will Hugh convince Grace that two time travelers can build a future… together?

Ahhhh, time travel. There is no time of year when time travel books aren’t awesome! I picked up Dogwood Sprocket because of well, A) time travel, and B) the epic colouring of the cover, but stayed because of a really dynamic and fun story.

Hugh already leads an interesting life when we first meet him which is right as Grace’s life gets turned upside down. She’s brought from her future-time into the past and into Hugh’s world which is incredibly different from anything she’s ever known. The two of them have great chemistry and waste no time before embarking on a high-paced adventure together.

There were a few spots in the story where the pacing slowed a little, but I was still hooked by the world building and never once considered not finishing this story.


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