Review: Crime Rave

cover81305-medium.pngWomen, survivors, warriors­—a hardcore ensemble survive the worst act of terrorism to occur on American soil when 35,000 ravers are murdered in cold blood. The survivors work with LAPD detectives Atticus Red Feather and Synthia Günn to piece together this monstrous act. The science experiments of an elite lab team want out, and the smog goddess Kaleanathi wants more souls to devour. What will happen if the survivors fail? The world is full of monsters, but the worst are yet to come. In the follow-up to American Monsters, Sezín Koehler has surfed a genre shift in Crime Rave from postmodern feminist horror to a crime and urban fantasy crossover, with an all-monsters-in approach to satiate even the most hardened horror fan. Picking up where American Monsters left off—but written with first readers in mind—Koehler weaves us into an alternate universe where goddesses reign, trauma manifests superpowers, and Marilyn Monroe lives, in this unique tale of destruction, survival, and redemption for some.

The world is full of monsters, but the worst are yet to come.

Crime Rave is a fantastically epic horror/fantasy mashup that fans of dark and twisty things everywhere are going to want to pick up. There are so many different elements here, and they all come together in ways that most of us have never imagined, usually with explosive consequences.

When thousands of ravers are killed off at once, and the aftermath is anything but predictable, two detectives need to make sense of the people and puzzle pieces left behind. But the survivors themselves are anything but ordinary and the plot of this story only continues to build as things go on. There are all sorts of people in this world, called parahumans, and both their origins and abilities make them quite unlike other superhuman type casts you’ll see in most urban fantasies.

I really don’t want to give too much away since there is a mystery at the heart of this story, but needless to say the world building alone will get you hooked into Crime Rave, and the characters and central mystery will keep you frantically turning pages.


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