Review: Hello Again

hello againA dead lover wants company. Meanwhile, a no-nonsense detective who doesn’t believe in ghosts teams up with a psychic who fears something very evil is stalking its prey. A scientist finds that modern science can’t explain what he’s experiencing.

Bill met the woman of his dreams, but now she’s become his worst nightmare as her text messages become more demanding and threatening. How can he avoid her when she seems to know every step he takes? When high-tech equipment fails to explain the mystery, he finds the only solution might be to meet her face-to-face.

Hello Again combines the spine-tingling tension of a paranormal mystery and the descent into madness of a psychological thriller with a good detective story’s step-by-step approach to finding a killer.

Right from the tagline on the fantastic cover, I was hooked! This was such a riveting story that brilliantly combined some unexpected elements into a page-turning narrative. I was really never sure how the main mystery was going to come together, or that Bill and his companions would necessarily make it to the end. The texts he was getting that drove the central plot were genuinely creepy and did a great job at propelling things forward at a snappy pace that still managed to keep tension high.

I’ll absolutely be recommending this to other mystery lovers in the future.


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