Review: Cara’s Twelve

cara.pngRaised in the backwater province of Crowthorne, Cara finds her fate bound to a system she despises and a goddess she no longer believes in. When it becomes clear that the heir to the Elbian throne has found disfavor in the eyes of the goddess, Cara is ordained by blood to take her cousin’s place as heir apparent.

One man from each twelve provinces are chosen by the royal council to pledge their lives and swords as champions and consorts of the future queen. From these men, Cara must choose the future king of Elbia. Before she is able to take her place on the throne, Cara and her Twelve must visit each province and perform a sacred ceremony, one that will make Cara question everything she thought was real.

Cara soon realizes that not all of the men who swore to protect her are what they seem, and that there are those who would use her as a tool to gain power.

Cara’s Twelve is a refreshingly different, romantic fantasy story of fair maidens and fearless warriors in a medieval land.

What an incredible story! I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I picked up Cara’s twelve but Seabrook’s story did not disappoint! The future queen of Elbia is assigned twelve men (one from each part of the country) to be her escorts, and from those twelve she must choose who will be the new King alongside her. Romantic hunger games anyone? Except, it didn’t quite work out that way as there was a lot more depth to this story than what I was originally expecting. It felt almost mythological in scale.

While many elements of Cara’s Twelve are clearly pulled from the author’s imagination, it became so easy to imagine something like this really happening way back when. Both the setting and the characters truly came alive, making it near impossible to put Cara’s Twelve down.



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