Review – Liberty


When Santiago is thrust into the farm’s pigsty, Penelope is captivated by Santiago Talbert’s boast, “I plan to sail the Seven Seas.” Together, these extraordinary pigs escape the farm and cross into the land of Liberty, a parallel world where an intelligent human or animal can get ahead. They follow their dream to Boston Harbor, where they try to convince sea captains that pigs can sail. First, though, Santiago learns mapmaking, while Penelope works on the docks loading ships. Eventually Penelope signs onto the Ice King’s crew as he cuts and packs ice to ship to the far-flung corners of the world.

When the fleet of ice ships sails, Penelope and Santiago join the crew of the flagship, captained by Captain Kingsley, the Ice King himself. A massive polar bear, he harbors dark secrets, and the pigs face the shocking truth: they alone can save the friendly sea serpents from the Ice King’s clutches.

From the fascinating world of tall ships comes this unlikely tale of humble pigs who follow their dream. Come and join the Talberts on their journey.

Something about this cover just made me giggle. Right from the get go, Liberty was an entertaining read, perfect for quite a few younger readers. There are so many imaginative elements to fall in love with, and I can easily see this becoming one of those books that kids get obsessed with, wanting to read again and again.

Santiago is  great lead for the story introducing us both to the world he comes from and to Liberty himself. Once he has really teamed up with Penelope, the story gets even better. In shorter works like these, it’s hard to give an in depth review without spoiling too much of the story, and I think this is one that parents may get a kick out of as well.

Happy reading!


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