Review: Pirateless In The Caribbean


Stephanie will do anything to make partner at her law firm, even if it means going on the totally unnecessary Caribbean vacation her boss sends her on, and returning with all the items on his stupid scavenger hunt list.

Little does she know that magic is hitching a ride on this vacation from hell, courtesy of her friend Nichole who has knit a little pirate-y magic into the sexy monokini bathing suit Stephanie has tucked away in her suitcase.

She may find all the items on her list, but what is she supposed to do about the pirate who sails away with her heart?

Pirateless in the Caribbean brought together quite a few unexpected story elements that managed to work themselves into a fantastic story. Stephanie is very much a career woman and ends up an unconventional adventure in an attempt to get a promotion at her law firm. What initially got me interested in this story was the scavenger hunt idea but there ended up being so much more here.

Stephanie made for a great heroine for this story. I was not only rooting for her on the career front. The romance elements were also a lot of fun but it was mainly the writing itself that kept me turning pages.

There were only a few moments that dragged a little, ending up taking away from the fun pacing of the story. I also can’t help but feel like this book would be better served with a different cover. We do have a few illustrated adult covers in our catalog but unless their by an already popular author, they aren’t picked off the shelf as often as they should be.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find this book on Goodreads but I’d absolutely call it a four star read.