Review: Hell Bent

hell bent.pngSouth Shore’s bad boy surfer Beau Huntington has a solid plan to get through life: one night stands, copious amounts of alcohol, and walls so high no one can ever get in — it’s all about numbing the pain. And his plan’s working fine — until he meets Corrie Johnson. That’s when things begin to unravel. Because falling in love was never part of the plan.Angry, bitter and confused, Beau’s violent temper lands him in trouble more often than not — but he’s about to learn that the fight of his life doesn’t involve his fists.Hell Bent is a story that matters — about life, love, and death. It’s a story of how life can spiral out of control for those left behind. And it’s a story of hope…

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This past week I was feeling especially anxious for summer to just hurry up and get here already, so I picked up Hell Bent as a way to scratch that itch (admittedly, that was based solely on the cover), but I ended up getting to read a really fun book as a result. Three cheers for picking books practically at random, I guess?

Hell Bent is a bad boy story at heart but with a definite summer vibe to it. After a string of poor choices Beau is spiraling out of control and sentenced to community service to try and straighten him out. Of course, as a result her meets Corrie and things start coming together. But it’s never that simple and old habits die hard.

You’ll be rooting for both Beau and Corrie from beginning to end, though there are a few moments where the two of them are practically swimming in angst. It worked well for the story and the writing was really nicely done. There’s a lot here to like and Hell Bent really make for a great book for the upcoming summer season.


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