Review: MudMan

cover85007-medium.pngLevi Adams is a soft spoken, middle-aged Mennonite man—at least he tries to be when he’s not murdering people. Levi’s a golem, a Mudman, crafted from the muck, mire, and corpses of a World War II concentration camp—killing is just a part of his DNA. He doesn’t like it, but unfortunately he’s been saddled with a divine commission to dole out judgment on those who shed innocent blood. After seventy years as a cold-blooded murder machine, however, Levi’s trying to change his grisly nature. And the AA meetings and church services are helping. A little. But when he runs across a wounded girl, Sally Ryder, during one of his “hunting expeditions,” he realizes self-help may have to go on the back burner. Someone is attempting to revive a pre-Babylonian murder god, and the road to rebirth is paved with dead bodies. Lots and lots of them. Now, Levi must protect Ryder—the key to an unspeakable resurrection—and defeat a Nazi mage from Levi’s murky past. But the shadowy mage holds a terrible secret about the Mudman’s unorthodox birth, one offering insight into Levi’s morbid compulsion for bloodshed. It’s a secret Levi would pay anything to uncover: maybe even Ryder’s life. If Levi isn’t careful, he may end up turning into the monster he always imagined himself to be.

All right. When I saw the title and cover of MudMan I had absolutely no idea what to expect. But after reading the blurb I at least had to give this a chance because it absolutely sounded unlike anything I’ve read before and that isn’t something that comes along often.

MudMan ended up being a interesting story that never quite went the way I expected it to. The main character Levi has a very dark past and much of the story comes from this same dark place. He’s very much the unlikely hero mentioned on the cover. His story moves along at a quick clip and there were points where I almost needed to put the book down just to take in everything that had happened so far.

There are a lot of great supernatural elements in MudMan as well that touch on some of my favorite superhero type tropes while also consistently adding something new to the mix. Highly recommended.


Review: Hell Bent

hell bent.pngSouth Shore’s bad boy surfer Beau Huntington has a solid plan to get through life: one night stands, copious amounts of alcohol, and walls so high no one can ever get in — it’s all about numbing the pain. And his plan’s working fine — until he meets Corrie Johnson. That’s when things begin to unravel. Because falling in love was never part of the plan.Angry, bitter and confused, Beau’s violent temper lands him in trouble more often than not — but he’s about to learn that the fight of his life doesn’t involve his fists.Hell Bent is a story that matters — about life, love, and death. It’s a story of how life can spiral out of control for those left behind. And it’s a story of hope…

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This past week I was feeling especially anxious for summer to just hurry up and get here already, so I picked up Hell Bent as a way to scratch that itch (admittedly, that was based solely on the cover), but I ended up getting to read a really fun book as a result. Three cheers for picking books practically at random, I guess?

Hell Bent is a bad boy story at heart but with a definite summer vibe to it. After a string of poor choices Beau is spiraling out of control and sentenced to community service to try and straighten him out. Of course, as a result her meets Corrie and things start coming together. But it’s never that simple and old habits die hard.

You’ll be rooting for both Beau and Corrie from beginning to end, though there are a few moments where the two of them are practically swimming in angst. It worked well for the story and the writing was really nicely done. There’s a lot here to like and Hell Bent really make for a great book for the upcoming summer season.

Review:Romeo and Juliet In Plain and Simple English

cover.pngRomeo and Juliet is one of the greatest plays ever written–but let’s face it..if you don’t understand it, then you are not alone.

If you have struggled in the past reading Shakespeare, then BookCaps can help you out. This book is a modern translation of Romeo and Juliet.

The original text is also presented in the book, along with a comparable version of both text.

We all need refreshers every now and then. Whether you are a student trying to cram for that big final, or someone just trying to understand a book more, BookCaps can help. We are a small, but growing company, and are adding titles every month.

A pet project at our branch has always been making the classics more accessible to future generations, specifically to those currently learning about them in school (whether they like it or not). When I had the chance to review this BookCaps study guide it seemed like it might be a good fit. The end result wasn’t quite what I was hoping for but still very much worth while.

I’m not sure how far this guide will go toward getting younger readers engaged with Shakespeare’s classic story. The cover stands out less than most other guides out there now, and the content can still be hard to reconcile with modern mentalities. Where this guide did excel was in its alterations to the text in order to make Romeo & Juliet easier to take in for those not well versed in that style of English.

This will make for a great study guide and fantastic companion to the original work.

Review: Finding Mrs. Right

right.pngHow does one of New York’s wealthiest bachelors find his soul-mate?

Tired of being alone but fed up with being set up by his friends, Gabe considers taking a break from dating when Rose enters his life. Could she be the one he’s been waiting for? Or could it be Veronica, who he can’t get out of his mind after a chance meeting in Central Park? And what about Sally, Gabe’s loyal and very single assistant?

Will any of these women be the soul-mate Gabe’s been seeking or will they be added to the list of disappointing attempts in his search for finding Mrs. Right?

While right off the bat there didn’t seem to be any particularly stand out plot points to Finding Mrs. Right by Debbie White, I’m glad I decided to pick it up anyway. This story fits nicely into the mold of what quite a few romance readers are looking for while also offering up some great steamier scenes and characters that you will genuinely want to root for.

Gabe made for an interesting and somewhat unconventional lead character, and it was a lot of fun taking in this romance through his eyes. At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of him but he’s got a strong voice that goes along way toward keeping readers engaged with the plot.

Jumping into this story, you should know what it is you’re in for. Beyond the suspense of who Gabe is ultimately going to end up with/ how everything comes together in the end, there isn’t a ton here that will shock you but you’ll still come away from this book feeling satisfied and looking forward to reading whatever this author comes up with next.

And hey, if you’re still not convinced, it looks like this is now available on Kindle Unlimited, so if you’re a member of that program, why not give it a shot?

Blog Tour: A Gentleman’s Surrender

tour banner.jpg

A historical romance with a woman of color on the cover… yes please! I requested this book as soon as I saw it on NetGalley and then was so thrilled to be invited to take part in the blog tour as well to help celebrate the launch of this swoon-worthy read. A Gentleman’s Surrender is a story that takes its time, really allowing a reader to fall in love with both halves of its main duo and slowly building up an incredible romance that will have you fanning yourself while also frantically biting your nails hoping everything comes together the way you’re hoping it will.

Our heroine Monique has building tension in her life as her family has some very specific requirements that she meets in finding a husband, and that tension translates nicely into the entire narrative of the story. It did take me a while to warm up to her but there was enough going on that I was still very interested in the story until I inevitably ended up a huge Monique fan. This girl had a lot of things stacked against her and still managed to be engaging rather than off-putting in her frustrations.

And let’s just say we should all count ourselves as lucky not to be dealing with the same societal nonsense that the women of this time were!

surrender.jpgCall her a romantic–or a fool, Lady Monique Cathdon is determined to marry for love. After watching her parents tolerate an arranged betrothal, life seems too short to be wasted on keeping up appearances.

After all, what’s the point of having a heart if one refuses to follow it?

With a smile the devil himself might be proud of, James Stanton is not what her mother would call a matrimonial prospect. Still, there’s something about the young man that sends Lady Monique’s heart thumping around her chest, and silences her voice of reason.

Unfortunately for Lady Monique, the stakes are high, and young ladies of the ton make for very poor gamblers. Especially when James Stanton is on the hunt for revenge, and won’t let an innocent woman–or his own passionate desires–get in the way of righting past wrongs.

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Review: The Black Lens

the black lens.pngZoey James has pimp trouble. And even though he doesn’t know it, her pimp has Zoey trouble. Big Zoey trouble. In a dark world of meth addiction, trailer parks and abuse, Zoey has seen it all. But when she and her disabled sister are forced into a small-town sex ring, the teenage girls find out just how brutal the world can be. And when someone kills her mother as retaliation for a failed escape attempt, Zoey decides to fight back. Teaming up with a photojournalist, Zoey exposes wealthy and powerful men who play in the dirty, back-alley world of modern slavery. The price for her cooperation is freedom. The cost of failure is her life.

Everything about The Black Lens made for an absolutely phenomenal read. I’ve read quite a few books already this year and this is easily among the top five. Really, needing to talk about it has brought me back to blogging after a month or so off!

Christopher Stollar is a new author to me but one I will be looking out for in the future as this book kept me hooked. Despite it being an intense read where I had to pause and absorb a few times over, I read Zoey’s story in a matter of a few days. The pacing was extremely well done in order to create a story that will keep you frantically flipping pages.

There’s a lot of darkness in this story and I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone, but if you’re looking for an exploration of the nastier side of humanity, this is going to be a great fit. You’ll be rooting for the characters right from the beginning, especially as you learn more about how they got pulled into this world that you’d never wish on anyone.

Highly recommended!