Heart of Gold by Lilliana Rose

gold.pngVickie’s husband, George, insists she undertakes self defence lessons before starting her private eye business. George worries about her safety but doesn’t want to stop her from developing her newly found skill of solving mysteries.

The training sessions are difficult and Vickie is exhausted. Now that her and George have rekindled their love, Vickie is determined to find the time to keep the sparks flying between them as much as possible.

When her trainer is injured, Vickie discovers he isn’t entirely human, and has mechanical parts. But George doesn’t believe her. Vickie insists something untoward happening and she must investigate. Can she solve another mystery while maintaining the renewed spice between her and George?


I’m not sure what I was initially expecting from Heart of Gold based on the first book, but I certainly got more than I bargained for. Things with Vickie and George never cease to be interesting, and as I did find the writing for book two stronger than for Change of Heart, it is safe to say that this series has improved with the second installment.

While the world building elements are a lot of fun in this series, it’s the characters that really make this into an enjoyable read. Both the main characters and the people they surround themselves with never fail to jump off the page, propelling the plot forward in ways you wont always anticipate.

I recommend starting with book one, Change of Heart.



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