Good to Myself

good to myself.png

Internet columnist Lydia Grange is on the brink of the promotion she’s wanted for two years. As lead columnist of the Toronto Times’ women’s issue site, she’ll have the fame she longs for, the money to fuel her shopping obsession, and all the free shoes she can wear. Only one obstacle remains: beating her coworkers (Sasha the perfect mother and Patricia the bargain-obsessed senior) in a competition. All three must be ‘good to themselves’ for four weeks and teach their readers to do the same, and at the end of the time their sexy boss Felix will pick the winner.

Lydia’s certain she will be that winner, and not just because she knows Felix wants her on an unprofessional level. She’s never anything but good to herself, so how could she not win? Fancy drinks with extra whipped cream, the cheesecake she adores, the exquisite but pricey purse she’s been craving? With the help of her nice-guy buddy and coworker Percy, she’ll just indulge herself even more and make sure her fans do the same. In a month both the job and her long-desired fling with Felix will be hers.

It’ll be the easiest four weeks of her life.

Unless it turns out there’s more to self-care than sex and shopping and sugar.


Heather Wardell’s Toronto series is an interconnected reading experience, where you can jump in with any book but will get a few extra surprises with old characters and tie in jumping in to future books. I love these kinds of series, and since our library is GTA based as well, the Toronto connection was absolutely a bonus. I’ll not only be reading more books in this series, but I can see so many of our readers loving this series. Not to worry though, even if you’re not Canadian, this was still an enjoyable read for any fans of

Overall, the tone of this story is optimistic and fun to read, and I immediately connected with Lydia. It can be hard sometime to be a goal oriented career woman. It’s not always clear what the best way to move forward is, or how much is too much to sacrifice and this book does a great job of weaving those ideas into the narrative.

There were a few points in the story that dragged a little when I really wanted to get back to the plot and have things progressingĀ again, but the moments were small and didn’t really detract from my enjoyment of the book.



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