Review: Storyteller

storyteller.pngLily Lightfoot can make weird things happen, just by telling a story. It’s a gift she can’t always control, making her the queen of seventh grade outcasts. She can’t make a million dollars appear out of thin air or make it rain cupcakes, but it’s not for lack of trying. More than anything, she wants to see her mom, who’s left her in the care of her unconventional grandmother, Gwendolyn, and her only friend, Peter. When Lily finds a strange fairytale book, she’s drawn into a fantasy world where her mother waits for her. Lily is convinced the book she’s been reading is real. According to the book, those dark forces now threaten to destroy her mother. Despite the dire warnings of Gwendolyn and Peter, Lily embarks on a mission to find a way into the fantasy world to save her mom. The events she sets into motion with the telling of a story will change all of their lives forever.

I was interested in this book based on the first line of the blurb alone. Add in that stunning cover and there was no way I was walking away from the opportunity to read this. The main character in this story (the first in a trilogy) follows Lily Lightfoot who has a gift for telling stories… and can make things happen by doing so! It’s a pretty magical concept, and one I think quite a few young readers who are already book lovers will enjoy.

There are a lot of great characters in this story to root for as well, and I think that’s what’s going to keep readers coming back for more. Lily did come off a little younger than I expected at times, but that only endeared her to me further and I’ll be interested to see how she grows through the later books in this series should I have the opportunity to read them. Peter is also worthy of a shout out in the character section. Go team!

Overall, this was the perfect middle grade book to start the year with. I very much enjoyed it and can see it being a great selection for many young readers.



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