Dangerous Benefits


Even fame and fortune can turn deadly…

Ruby Delaney has finally landed a Broadway role and is determined to put her notorious past behind her. But her good intentions are sidetracked when she learns a con man has targeted her mentor’s life savings.

Ruby teams up with fraud investigator Hari Bhatt to find the swindler, but their investigation leads them to a murder instead. The partners track the victim’s missing money to Paris and uncover a link to one of Wall Street’s biggest names, a man seemingly above reproach. Ruby and Hari race to prove their case, unaware they’re being watched by someone who will go to desperate lengths to hide a lethal secret.

Dangerous Benefits is the second book in the Ruby Danger Series


Ruby Danger is back! And I can safely say that book two did not disappoint! The ending specifically on this one blew me away, and now I’m feeling the need to recommend this series to anyone and everyone who will listen to me.

Ruby ‘Danger’ Delaney is a quickly developing character, although maybe I only feel that way because I’ve been binge reading this series. Just when it looks like she’s starting to get her life on track, exactly how she wants it, her old life drags her back in… and I’m so glad it did.

It’s fair to say I liked this book even more than I did the first one, even though this book had a slower burn. But this series over all (so far has been exactly what I need, and perfect for a winter read). It’s such a fresh take on the mystery/thriller genre, I think mainly because of Ruby’s character. Or maybe simply the characters overall, really even the minor players seem to jump right off the page.




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