Dangerous Allies


Second Honeymoons Can Be Dangerous…

After a brush with tragedy, tabloid target Ruby Delaney is determined to put the parties, booze, and notorious paparazzi photos behind her. A cruise with her husband is the fresh start she needs. But their luxury liner has barely left port when she stumbles across evidence that her spouse is involved in a massive stock fraud linked to the ruthless Russian mob. She’s stunned to discover he plans to disappear with millions and frame her for the crime.

Ruby stages a disappearing act of her own, but her impulsive action backfires when the mob becomes convinced she’s vanished with their share of the take. In a frantic race to uncover the truth and escape with her life, Ruby leaves a trail of collateral damage. She doesn’t know who to trust, where to find answers, and above all—how to get off a cruise ship, undetected, in the middle of the Caribbean.

Dangerous Allies is the first book in the Ruby Danger series.


Well, it’s official… Ruby Danger is one of my new favorite heroines, even if it did take a while for me to warm up to her! She’s far from perfect, but when her life changes dramatically, she absolutely steps up to the plate and becomes someone we can all absolutely root for.

The plot itself in Dangerous Allies was unlike anything else I’ve read in the mystery genre, which made for a heart-pounding, page turning read! There’s so much going on that it can sometimes be hard to keep up, but the plot itself is intricate and a lot of fun. From the moment when Ruby first sees a suspicious passport, to when everything wraps up in a way I absolutely didn’t see coming, this was fantastic!

Rickie Blair is absolutely an author to follow! So on that note, I’m actually going to jump into book two right now!


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