Ironclad Devotion- Jami Gold


Safeguarding her freedom,

a faerie princess locks down her heart,

but a blacksmith forges the key…

A faerie princess evading her fate…

Earth is no place for a faerie, but Kira can’t go home without dooming her people. Desperate to avoid the pull of her homeland, she fosters an abandoned girl, the child’s joy a source of much-needed energy.

A blacksmith with something to prove…

When Zachary Chase discovers he has a daughter, he’s determined to be part of his child’s life and not repeat his mother’s neglect. But to open the little girl’s heart, he must earn her foster mother’s trust.

One night is never enough…

Despite their rivalry, Kira and Zac’s desires tempt them into one no-consequences night. Yet the more passion flares between them, the more Kira risks destroying the life she’s carved out on Earth—and endangering those she cares about in both worlds.

What a cool story! I picked this up on NetGalley, mainly because the bright colors of the cover grabbed my attention, followed by hooking me in with a faerie princess mentioned in the blurb. There’s a lot going on in Ironclad Devotion, and the worldbuilding is almost unstoppable in how vivid it is. I want to be a part of Kira and Zac’s world, and couldn’t stop reading their story. I really loved Kira, and I thought she and Zack were a great fit for one another. I was rooting for them all the way through, even when their romance seemed to get way too complicated.

Ironclad Devotion is a swoon worthy romance of a high calibre, and definitely a story I’d recommend to anyone who is looking to find great fantasy that also has some scenes that will have you fanning yourself.


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