Suspended in Dusk by Simon Dewar


A time between times.

A whore hides something monstrous and finds something special.

A homeless man discovers the razor blade inside the apple.

Unlikely love is found in the strangest of places.

Secrets and dreams are kept… forever.

Or was it all just a trick of the light?

Suspended in Dusk brings together 19 stories by some of the finest minds in Dark Fiction:

Ramsey Campbell, John Everson, Rayne Hall, Shane McKenzie, Angela Slatter, Alan Baxter, S.G Larner, Wendy Hammer, Sarah Read, Karen Runge, Toby Bennett, Benjamin Knox, Brett Rex Bruton, Icy Sedgwick, Tom Dullemond, Armand Rosamilia, Chris Limb, Anna Reith, J.C. Michael.

Introduction by Bram Stoker Award Winner and World Horror Convention Grand Master, Jack Ketchum.

This cover sent an absolute shiver down my spine, and the stories inside did much of the same. This was an absolutely fantastic horror anthology, with additions from many must read authors. Almost every one of the stories had me frantically turning pages, quite a few were delightfully spooky, and one or two were downright shocking. And since you never knew what you were getting into, every reading experience was an absolute delight. I’m especially going to be looking out for more from Angela Slatter, Anna Reith and Toby Bennett.

I’ll certainlly be recommending this book in the coming pre-Halloween weeks.


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