Joy to the Worlds

cover72562-mediumWhat do you get when you mix mystery and speculative fiction, then toss in

the holidays for good measure? A mobster Santa, genetic hanky-panky,

Victorian villages, time-travelling detectives, a Krampus, eerie bell

spirits, and more-this collection of short cross-genre fiction is the

perfect counterpoint to traditional holiday reading!

Joy to the Worlds brings together eight short works that explore mysteries

across time and space. Ranging from dark dystopian worlds to comedic

retro-futures, four diverse writers find new ways to combine these disparate


Whether you enjoy science fiction, fantasy, mystery, Christmas, noir,

gothic, or folktales-this collection has something for you.

The holidays plus spec-fic… yes please! I was tempted to hold off reading this book until closer to Christmas, but I couldn’t do it. I needed this book in my life. And the good news is… Joy to the Worlds did not disappoint! The bad news is, I want more! Way more.

Now, if I had to pick a favorite story from this collection, I’ll have to choose… a tie between Maia Chance’s Odysseus Flax & the Krampus (very dark and twisty!) and The Ringer’s by Raven Oak (great character building). And all of the stories exhibited great imagination and writing, with a hint of holiday… sort of. Granted in some cases the holiday connection was a little up in the air, but I think they pulled it off well. There was never any need for these to be all feel good, tis the season type stories. In fact, I would have enjoyed the collection a lot less if that had been the case. This book was unlike any other holiday collection out there, and that’s why I loved it.

Is it Christmas yet?


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