Blog Tour: Daimones by Massimo Marino

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If you missed my review of Daimones, you can read it here. Now I’ve got a special feature for you, coming straight from the book!

Excerpt from Daimones, book one of The Daimones Trilogy

I arrived where I was supposed to be to meet with Rollerblade Girl. This time, I did everything in plain view. I stopped the car in the middle of the street. I lowered the windows, stepped out and even opened the trunk. Nothing to hide. Then I sat cross-legged, well in front of the car. I had a Glock tucked at my back, under my vest, and one under the driver seat. My hands rested on my knees. I waited.

The sun started to warm up the air, and the asphalt, too. The hot bitumen’s smell and the petroleum vapors soaked my senses. I felt its taste in my mouth and it intoxicated me. I am getting high, I thought, lightheaded. A few crows gathered as casual spectators, perched on the tree in the middle of the traffic island at the end of the street. Unless I imagined all that. There I was, sitting like a duck with a wobbling head like those figurines in the back window of cars. Good thing Geneva didn’t have zoos in town as in New York; in that position, and the way I felt, I would have been easy prey for the “kind of a lion” Michael believed roamed freely in Manhattan.

Almost an hour had passed and I could not stand to sit much longer. My joints hurt and sleepiness crept in as the body oxygen level was replaced by the aromatic tar vapors. At that moment, I heard the swishing sound of the rollerblades from behind. The adrenaline rush heightened all my senses. My breathing and heart rate jumped. My blood pressure shot up and a hot flush erupted like a fever making me sweat as if I was taking a shower from within.

Everything happened very fast—a screeching sound made me shiver as the wheels came to a halt and, although it was somewhere to my left and out of my field of vision, I didn’t have to turn my head to see her vividly in my mind, menacing.


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