The Many Pursuit of Desire and Love


About the bookIf you are what you eat, then why aren’t you what you desire? Desire stands in the great no-man’s land of human activity: the zone of most conflict, fear, and anxiety. We are often asked to hate it—by those who claim to have given it up for “better” things, and who often, hypocritically, haven’t. In this heart-opening book, the author of The Manly Art of Seduction talks about desire in plain terms, with in-depth chapters on BD-SM, bisexuality, religion and desire, aging and desire, positive and negative desires, and keeping desire alive in long-term relationships.

Review: Full disclosure, I am neither a man or all that manly. But we’re trying to expand our LGBTQIA non-fiction selection at work, and this seemed like a perfect fit, even if we didn’t technically have someone to review it who fits the target audience. But read it I did, and I’m so glad I decided to pick this one up. This book walks the line between being positive and being honest, which is exactly what I was hoping for.

The Manly Pursuit of Desire and Love covers topics beyond just that of well, desire and love. Brass covers a wide array of interconnected topics, all of which come together nicely for an excellent resource for men (and of course there are some pieces in here that are worthwhile regardless of gender). Most of the content is really geared toward connecting to yourself and your own wants and desires in order to be your best self both in relationships and outside of them.

Perry Brass has written a wide array of books, many of which are geared toward gay men. He clearly has a lot to offer both in the world of fiction and non-fiction, and we’ll be exploring more of his titles soon!


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