Blog Tour: The Dark Side of the Rainbow


I’m very excited to be participating in the blog tour for Dakr Side of the Rainbow. You can see my review of the book here, and then once you’re curious, we’ll hook you in further with today’s feature… an excerpt from the book!

A Tragic Day on the Causeway
Screaming her brother’s name, Olivia ran faster than she had ever run in her life, making her way to where his broken and mangled body lay. In his adrenaline-rushed state of mind, he had forgotten to buckle his seat belt and had been thrown from the vehicle.
“Jacob!” Olivia screamed over and over as she knelt beside her brother’s lifeless body. Laying her head on top of his chest, desperate to hear his beating heart, she cried out to him, wailing at the top of her lungs for him to wake up.
Someone tried to pull her away from him, but she jerked them away. She tore at her hair and turned her face toward the sky, begging for him to be all right. Olivia kept her gaze upward, as if looking for hope from an unseen source.
Falling to her knees, guttural, earth-shattering sounds escaped her tortured soul. Turning her face toward heaven, she opened her eyes. Through her tear-filled haze, Olivia saw a slight break of light in the clouds, followed by the brightest rainbow she had ever seen.
Jacob was gone.
On the colorful beams of light, her brother’s soul had left her forever. The rainbow had long been a symbol of promise and hope, yet on the saddest day of Olivia Nelson’s life she found herself on the dark side of the beautiful colors without a single ray of hope. Instead, what filled her was a different kind of promise: a vow of retribution for her brother’s death, no matter the cost.

About the author

Rita Hogan is a novelist and business manager with a degree in business from Dallas Baptist University. In 2012, she hand-wrote her first full length novel and has been writing ever since. As an author, it is her greatest joy to walk a reader through the hardships of life feeling as if they have gained more than they have lost, to illustrate with words a backdrop for the hurt that is a very real place for us all, and to phrase for readers the beauty of the moments in between.

Rita currently resides in the St. Louis metro area with her husband Joel and her son Sean. She is a finalist in CrossBook’s and Westbow’s 2014 writing contests. The Dark Side of the Rainbow is her first published work.

Find her online at


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