Sachael Dreams by Melody Winter


Blurb – Twenty-two-year-old Estelle Bailey has had enough of busy city-life and her hot-tempered ex. She escapes to the seclusion and peace of her family’s clifftop home in Ravenscar, where the soothing solitude whispers to her soul as strongly as the sea itself does. But her newfound contentment is interrupted when a mysterious man—a Sachael, master of seduction—joins her midnight swim unexpectedly.

Estelle struggles against his charm and the overpowering attraction she feels for him. He offers her a life she never could have imagined, a life beneath the waves . . . but at what cost? Before she can decide, she’s captured, ensnared by the Sect, a secret enemy of the Sachaels, becoming a pawn in a war she knew nothing about.

Now, she’s left with a new choice—escape the clutches of the Sect and flee into the ocean, or side with her alluring, intimidating captor and destroy the Sachaels forever. Can she turn her back on the man she might love, or will the secret of her heritage change everything?

Set against a picturesque backdrop, Sachael Dreams is the first in a new series, exploring themes of romance, love, and identity, and the struggle that happens when all three collide.

Review – I don’t know why, but the cover for this one really grabbed me, even if I wasn’t quite sure what the title meant. There is some darkness here that may mean that this story isn’t for everyone, but when you’re in the right headspace, Sachael Dreams is absolutely perfect! If you’re looking for a fresh take on water fantasy, this is the book I’d recommend (and will be reocmmending!).

I really enjoyed reading about Estelle, and found the mixture of fantasy and romance in her story to be both refreshing and really engaging. I do wish the blurb had given away a little less of what was going to happen as it did give a bit of a play by play of some of the bigger plot points, but there is still a lot going on in this story that you’ll get to discover for yourself. I think I’m just feeling a little angsty against overly long blurbs these days.

Also, bonus points for a prologue that genuinely worked with the story, and had me desperate to keep reading! After that, there were some points where I had trouble staying connected with the characters, but not so much so that it threw me out of the story.

And the best news is, the sequel is expected to come out later this year! Woo!


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